Sorrisi-Italian Restaurant

I believe this Italian restaurant, found within the Coconut Creek Seminole Casino, is fairly new. I went to order a couple of Italian subs about a month ago and discovered that it isn’t open very often.


Thursday & Sunday
Noon – 8PM

Friday & Saturday
Noon – 10PM

I find the limited hours of operation puzzling. I usually go to the casino on Mondays to play. Even on a weekday in off-season, the casino is busy all day. It gets even busier the closer it gets to dinner time. It seems to me they are loosing out on business during the week. But, maybe they just can’t find staff to work the weekdays? There have been times when I wanted to stop in and pick up subs to take home only to remember that Sorrisi wasn’t open.

Marcus and my Mother-in-Law and I went for dinner on Saturday, July 9th. We didn’t have any trouble getting a table. The restaurant was about a quarter full with a steady line of people ordering food for takeout. When you arrive, you place and pay for your entire order at the bar, are given spindle with your order number on it and then you can sit where you like. We picked a booth along the right hand side of the restaurant near the front.

If I didn’t know this was an Italian restaurant, I would not be able to guess by looking at the décor. Lots of warm wood, fun chandeliers and TVs all around the restaurant tuned to sports channels, gave no real indication of the ethnicity of the food served. But, this wasn’t a bad thing really-just unusual for Italian restaurants in general. I did get a delightful whiff of the pizza the women were enjoying on the table next to ours. As far as the noise level in the restaurant, it was loud at times but we didn’t have to raise our voices to talk to each other (see my review of The New York Steakhouse also within Seminole Casino)

Interior of Sorrisi
Sorrisi Food Menu

You won’t find eggplant parmesan, chicken cacciatore, risotto or spaghetti puttanesca on the menu. It’s more in line with a fast food menu. However, even though the menu is limited, the portions are large and there is something for everyone.

Each of us ordered a salad and entrée. None of us ordered any dessert (kind of an oversight because we were not familiar with the ordering system. Next time I will try the Nutella Brownie!)

Both my husband and Mother-in-Law ordered the Caprese Salad and Spaghetti and Meatballs. I ordered the Antipasto Salad and the Italian Sub. The sub came with the choice of Hand Cut Fries or Pesto Pasta salad. I chose the chips. If I had known better, I would have skipped either the salad or the entrée because each is a meal in itself.

Both my salad and sub were really good. There is a generous amount of meat, cheese and olives on the super-full salad. I only ate about a third of it, taking home the rest for an additional meal. The Italian sub was stuffed with meat, cheese and a generous helping of hot peppers. I am a rebel and like mayo on my Italian sub and I forgot to ask for it when I placed my order. I was able to flag down our food runner and he brought me a jar. I did eat all of my fries because I didn’t think they would reheat very well. This was a treat for me. I don’t usually eat fried foods but I couldn’t resist trying the Hand cut Chips. They were very crunchy like thick potato chips. Although it was really tasty, I only ate a small portion of one of the halves of my sub. The rest I took home and it ended up being another two dinners!

Antipasto Salad
Italian Sub with Hand Cut Fries

The Caprese Salad is served with a generous portion of mozzarella balls, good looking ripe tomatoes and a balsamic dressing over a bed of crisp mixed greens. Marcus & Enid enjoyed the salad but mentioned that they would not have ordered it had they known it was so large. Or, like me, they would have skipped an entrée. Next time we will know better.

Caprese Salad

At first glance, the spaghetti and meatballs bowls looked like they were nothing but sauce. However, both Marcus and Enid remarked that the portion of noodles was quite generous. It is served with three large meatballs that are very tasty and a couple of slices of garlic bread. Fresh basil and ricotta cheese make a flavorful and lovely garnish.

Spaghetti and Meatballs
Wine List

Beer List

Although we did not order any wine or beer, there is an extensive list for both. The restaurant has a bar that seats about a dozen people. If you are sitting at a table, I assume drinks have to be ordered at the time you order your food. I also assume that the bartender will serve your drinks before you select a table since there is no wait staff.

Our food server was pretty good at timing the delivery of our entrée and he brought us anything we wanted to go with our meals. But, once he was finished delivering our food, he never came back to the table. This isn’t really unusual for a food runner in a fast-food restaurant, but since there are no waiters, we had to flag down the manager on duty to bring us boxes for our left overs.

We gave this restaurant an 8 1/2 . The food was very good and generous, the noise level was tolerable, and the prices, although a bit high for a fast food place, are very reasonable given the generous portions served. We took points off for the lack of wait staff that could help out with requests that we had (ie-refills of water and hot tea). Maybe the food runners will become more like waiters in this regard? Also, I personally would like to see the restaurant extend their hours. I look forward to a return visit to try the pizza that smelled so good when we walked in.


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