This is OUR America

I didn’t expect to be posting a new blog entry today but I felt compelled to respond to a question I saw posted on Facebook this morning. So, here goes.

“‘Why can’t you support our president? This is our America”

You are correct, this is OUR America. I will never support an admitted sexual predator who hates everyone who is not a rich white man. Blacks, Muslims, Jews and Mexicans are all targets of his hate. He has no respect for women and reminds us frequently that he believes himself to be superior to us. He is rude and arrogant in his dealings with women and if he gets his way with his legislation, he will decide what we can and can not do with our bodies.

His ignorance of our country and politics, his childish petulant behavior and his constant lies have already done so much damage to our country’s standing in the world it will take years to reverse, if that is possible . 

The repercussions of 45s admiration and his emulation of evil dictators may have catastrophic effects not just in this country but for people worldwide. 

45s mental health is in question. If you have known someone with dementia, you would recognize the behavior. 

Since he has taken office he has lied daily, attacked the free press, continued to divide the country -us against everyone who didn’t vote for him. He has benefited financially, broken the laws of nepotism, obstructed justice and he surrounds himself with unqualified people who he believes are his friends because they donated to his campaign, he has invited Russians to the Oval Office for a private meeting and today he meets with the man who poses the biggest threat to this country.

Honor, dignity, honesty and pride are not a part of this administration. The very foundations of our freedom are in question. The GOP continues to lower the bar every time 45 insults, disrupts, lies and obstructs. None of us benefit with this man in office. Yes, it is OUR America.