Picture Book

I take hundreds, no thousands of photographs a year. Out of these I manage to get quite a few that I really like.
Many people have asked me what I do with all of these images.
For the most part, not much. The cost of printing is formidable and when I consider the number of photos I want to print, it’s impossible.

Every year I go through the newest folder of images selecting a group of them and I have calendars made to give as Christmas gifts. This is fun as it lets me see some of my favorites in print. When I really feel ambitious, I compile a photo book including suitable poems or quotes where they relate to an image.

In the beginning of October, I went on a Fall Photo Shoot with a group of photographer enthusiasts to Davis, West Virginia.
Our leader, Dave Blecman owner of Positive Negatives presented us with a coupon from NationsPhotoLab.com. This coupon was good toward the purchase of any of their printed items.
As a treat to myself, I went through many of my images, selecting favorites adding a few of my latest fall shots. I decided to treat myself to a photo book. I am glad I took the time to set it up and have it printed. It’s so rewarding to see my images presented in such a beautiful book!
The color is perfect and the finished product really makes my photos look professional.

I have been, since childhood, a big fan of picture books.
Maybe these early encounters with page after page of beautiful or exotic and fascinating images has influenced and inspired me to become a better photographer.
There is no finer gift than to be in the right place at the right time with my camera in hand except, maybe, seeing my images in the pages of my own picture bookalmost-gone-0ct-13_n