A Nation Divided


Global Street Art- Statue of Liberty by NOK Crew

The majority of the people in this country did not vote for the unqualified man who will take office in January.

Think about that.

In any other election we scrawl a name on a small piece of paper indicating who we want to win. The names are counted and the one who has the most votes is the winner.

Except, this doesn’t happen for the most important election in this country.

Like the majority of people in this country, I did not vote for the malevolent circus clown who was cheered and admired through this entire election process by people who envy him, who want to be just like him.

His legion do not care that he is callous, crude, mean, vindictive, childish, selfish, prejudiced and unqualified.

They turned a blind eye to his mocking.
They turned a blind eye to his thousands of lies.
They turned a blind eye when he admitted he “Can’t stop himself” and feels compelled to kiss and grope women who he feels are worthy of him.
They turned a blind eye to him when he said he will round up all the Muslims in this country and ship them out.
They turned a blind eye to him when he said all Mexicans are rapists and murderers.
They turned a blind eye to his being endorsed by the KKK.

I could go on and on, but we are all aware of just how disgusting this man has proven himself to be.

His followers do not care.

They voted for him saying they want change for this country and that is good. Finding ways to improve the quality of life for everyone who suffers financially is good.
Coming up with ways to make sure everyone has a job that pays the bills is good.
Making sure everyone has health insurance and don’t have to worry how to pay the bills when they get sick is good.

We all want these things.

But, achieving these goals at the cost of our humanity, humility, honor, security and personal freedom is not good. It is frightening and dangerous.
This is why so many people have been demonstrating the election results.
His supporters, those who turned a blind eye to all the hate and ugliness he handed out are now telling us, those who oppose him,  to:
‘get over it’, ‘quit whining’, ‘you lost, grow up’ etc.

It is terribly sad and horrific that some of the protesters have relied on violence and destruction to make their feelings known. But, they have been few.
Most demonstrators are stunned, frightened and angry but they are not violent.

I recently read a friends Facebook feed that said all of Clinton supporters are the same.
She made her comment in response to the protesters who have, sadly, turned to violence to express their grief and concerns.
I wanted so badly to respond to this comment, but I couldn’t.
She did, however spur me to write this post.
I know that she would not understand that her comment is EXACTLY the reason Hillary supporters are so fearful.

He has brought out the worst in so many people.

Lies are OK.
Disrespect is OK.
Hypocrisy is OK.
Bullying is OK.
Bigotry is OK.
Hate for those not just like you is OK.
Distrust of those with different colored skin is OK.
Belittling women and special needs people is OK.
Threatening retaliation on all who oppose you or who are not in favor of you is OK.
Being a sexual predator is OK.

This woman’s disrespectful comment, her hatred of millions of people, comes as an off-hand comment intended to sum up the majority of the voters in this country.

This is why there are demonstrations.

Don’t think for a minute that if the tables were turned, this same woman,
and millions who have allowed hate and distrust to take hold of their hearts, would not have taken to the streets in the same fashion.

I am disappointed Clinton didn’t win. Many of us were excited at the possibility of electing the first woman president. A woman who’s experience made her the most qualified candidate in history.

While I was waiting in line to vote at the firehouse I was chatting with a woman; small talk really. We discussed how we thought coffee and donuts would have been a nice idea, how beautiful the weather was and the length of the lines.
As we got closer to the front of the line, like me, she found the anticipation of voting for a woman for the first time in US history to be overwhelming. Both of us were crying. It was empowering. There was a bond so strong that maybe only other women who supported Clinton could understand.

I was and will always be proud to say I got to vote for a woman for president.


I voted for a woman to be president in 2016

Hillary Clinton won the popular vote. If our antiquated system of the electoral college were abolished years ago when it’s usefulness ran out, she would be our next president. But, she lost this election.

(To learn more about this system of government that was established in the days of slavery please read this article. The Troubling Reason the Electoral College Exists

I could have come around to accepting the 3rd party candidate if he had won.
It would not have been my favorite result, but I could have lived with that. I believe many others could have accepted that result in favor of the one we are presented with.

What his followers don’t understand is the demonstrations are not about who lost the electoral votes so much as it is about who won, who will be sworn in in January.

They chose to vote for him and his horrible plans do not concern them. They do not care.

They do not care how his plans to round up Muslims and deport them, abolish Roe vs wade, defund Planned Parenthood, reverse the gay marriage law, and build a wall of alienation threatens millions of people.


“A house divided against itself cannot stand. I believe this government cannot endure, permanently half slave and half free. I do not expect the Union to be dissolved — I do not expect the house to fall — but I do expect it will cease to be divided. It will become all one thing or all the other.”
―Abraham Lincoln

These millions of people, who have felt safe in their country, our country, are now facing a genuine threat.

Millions feel threatened by the legion who, by voting for him, aligned themselves with him and his ideas. Of course, not all of his supporters are hate filled, vengeful people. But a lot of them are. And, a lot of them have  lashed out, followed his lead. They now believe it is OK to be everything he is, no matter how horrific.

The greatest  threat though comes at the hands of the next leader of this free country.
Millions are terrified their rights and personal freedoms will end when he is sworn into office. This is not a vague threat they feel. It is very real. He has made it clear throughout his campaign that he will take aim at abolishing everything that does not suit him.

A lot does not suit him.

His supporters do not care or understand that victims of sexual assault and rape are traumatized by having a sexual predator in control of this country.
This is the equivalent of being trapped in an abusive relationship on a scale that is beyond our comprehension.
Many women have reached out to me devastated by this. Many are experiencing PTSD symptoms.
Symptoms they thought they had under control during their journey from victim to empowered survivor. They are feeling powerless again.
Having a sexual predator in the Oval Office is a very real and frightening backwards slide for all survivors.

As a rape survivor, I choose not to say his name now or ever if I can prevent from doing so.
I will have to listen to his voice on the news over the next 4 years and this disgusts me. Everything about this man disgusts me.
It’s a voice that makes me nauseous. His words fill me with shock. I, like the majority of people in this country truly hoped
we  would never have to hear his name or see his face again.
That will not happen any time soon.

The man who lost the election will be sworn into office.

However, I will never respect a sexual predator who tells me how he is going to make my life and America great again. Never.

He is a reminder of what is so wrong with so many of the very people who cheer and praise him.

They just do not care.



News photos of demonstrators. Sorry, I do not have the names of the photographers

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